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Exterior Cleaning

Exterior Cleaning

 Exterior Cleaning Services

Sometimes a business looks good on the inside - infact absolutely immaculate once we have completed a thorough clean! However the exterior appearance may be letting down the building, which in turn lets down your brand.

Ensuring excellent presentation of your building’s exterior can be just as important as ensuring interior cleanliness. If your industry involves food manufacture then it is essential to maintain your brand reputation. Your goods may be excellent, but if your factory premises is looking unclean and neglected, then it's possible you are leaving an area of doubt as to the quality of your products, based on overall presentation.

Refresh, renew and restore your premises with a quality building clean with Andy Andersons. Steam cleaning is one of the best ways to give a building a fresh new look, and we have the specialised equipment and experienced staff to meet your requirements on any scale. For problems such as chewing gum and graffiti, hot water steam cleaning can melt grease, grime, mould, and chewing gum right away.

By going the extra mile to ensure your premises is tidy and clean, you are providing a better first impression for visitors, as well as a work place your staff will be proud to arrive at each day. One of the best ways to present your unspoken business integrity and professionalism, is in the standard with which you maintain your working environment.

At Andy Andersons we have excellent equipment that we can modify to suit your specific needs. Our machines can produce up to 20 litres of super-hot water per minute at 4000psi.

We offer a range of exterior cleaning processes including:

  • Low pressure wash downs (pre-painting)
  • Graffiti, grease and chewing gum removal
  • Paint removal from brick work
  • Driveways, paths, roofs and walls
  • Commercial buildings
  • Plant and machinery, boats and trucks
  • Steam cleaning

Waste control observance with council regulations is a vital focus for Andy Andersons South Island. We ensure compliance by removing waste water with our wet-vac systems. We have perfected these processes from long experience to safeguard your buildings and equipment from water damage, ensuring cleaned areas are able dry quicker, minimising interruption to your business and getting you back into production earlier!

We ask you to consider what your building says about your business and brand.

Ccontact us at Andy Andersons today for a consultation on our  professional cleaning services to lift your profile.