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Dust Removal

Dust Removal

High Level Dust Removal

Modern managers are aware that dust can be a major hazard in the work place and must be removed correctly. A quick blow down does not meet current standards. Andy Andersons will remove the dust, not move the dust. We specialise in high-level dust removal.

The fine dust that collects in your purlins, rafters, on top of machinery or any high flat surface, can cause contamination, can damage machinery and is a significant fire and health hazard. At Andy Andersons we use industrial-strength vacuum cleaners, effectively removing dust altogether rather than moving it to other areas of your premises. Our work around your schedule can reduce the likelihood of disrupting staff, production and machinery.

Our customers include dairy companies, plastic manufacturers, vegetable growers, packaging manufacturers, flour mills, bakeries and animal nutrition manufacturers.  We work with some of the most well known brands in New Zealand, including, Tip Top Bakeries, Western Millen, Carter Holt Harvey, Synlay Milk, Tasman Insulation, Independent Fisheries, Elldex Plastics and Amcor, Air New Zealand and Pak N' Save.

Our people are qualified working-at-height operators. We are highly experienced and well trained. The Andy Anderson team will work days and times to suit your needs. We work weekends, shutdowns and at night.

A cleaner environment can improve productivity. Staff, managers, suppliers and customers alike, will take pride in being associated with an enterprise that cares enough to be clean, safe, and well presented.

For a dust-free working environment that is safer and cleaner, contact Andy Andersons today.