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Building Cleans and Building Handover SERVICES

At Andy Andersons we are specialists in Building Cleans and Building Handovers.

Building Cleans may involve both the interior and exterior of the building, or a specific area required. We welcome to opportunity to consult with you to meet your requirements with your schedule, one-off cleans or regular scheduled cleans. Our vast experience means we will know the right chemicals and processes to ensure the best result for your building clean, whether it's an exterior face-lift or a full food preparation area that must meet strict Health & Safety requirements.

Building Handover may involve a change of ownership or rental agreement. Andy Andersons are the team to make a building look like new for the best possible presentation, whether you have taken on a premises that needs to be cleaned like new, or have a premises you wish to lease or sell that needs to speak for itself. We can clean industrial and factory premises, as well as any offices, staff rooms or additional areas.

Our building clean and building handover services can consist of internal and external cleaning processes, catered to your specific requirements. We understand the value of refreshing the interior and exterior of any premises to raise value, boost profile and professional presence, and to give a positive boost to staff.

No matter your building size or the scale of your organisation, we can provide the experienced, qualified staff and customised equipment to meet your needs.

We can undertake a wide range of building cleaning services including:

  • Thorough interior and interior cleaning
  • Ceiling cleaning in preparation for painting
  • Refurbishment of metal siding, silos and metal roofs
  • Professional cleaning for walls, floors and ceilings
  • Dust removal, including high-level dust removal

Our thorough knowledge of building refurbishment includes the specific requirements of industry premises.

Specific requirements for your business premises may include:

  • Products related to fire hazards
  • Products specific to hygiene maintenance for food industry
  • Leaving the floor areas thoroughly dry
  • Extra cleaning for high-traffic areas
  • Solutions specific to machine surfaces and maintenance requirements
  • Safety of your staff at all times
  • Safe working practices by our responsible, experienced and qualified team

Have confidence in the value and presentation of your building with interior and exterior cleaning services undertaken safely with experienced industry professionals.

Contact us at Andy Andersons today to discuss our full range of building clean and building handover services.