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Our Process

Our Process

The Andy Andersons Process

At Andy Andersons we offer specialist cleaning services, specialising in high-level access areas including the provision of fully trained, professional staff and access equipment.  We are flexible, working around your business hours and team to ensure a minimum of disruption.

Our safety focus

We take great pride in the fact that with our hundreds of thousands of hours working as a expert Andy Andersons team, we have not incurred even one lost-time injury. Our training is extensive, and our dedication to safe working practices is a main focus. Gerry McKeever, our respected operations manager, has the extensive and invaluable hands-on experience in the industry to understand the dangers of working with a huge range of chemicals and industrial equiptment.

Because of this experience Gerry has gone above and beyond workplace safety standards and has written his own standards of safety practices to which our Andy Anderson team strictly adhere too, to our great and ongoing benefit. We cannot stress enough about the care that goes along with the services we provide, in ensuring the health and safety of our team, and equally importantly the health and safety of any people - your managers and staff - in all areas in which we provide our services.

Our Process

  1. We gladly offer our longstanding industry experience to advise on your requirements.

  2. We can provide a detailed quote based on discussion with you and assessment of your business and requirements. We may also offer a programmed maintenance plan on request.

  3. We work with you to schedule activity - which can extend from hours, to a full day, through to a month or more dependent on your needs. Our working hours are flexible to ensure minimum business disruption.

We are often left in charge of storage, and some of our experience includes the transferred storage of potatoes or grain so storage areas, including cool stores/refrigerated storage, can be cleaned.

We are often entrusted with keys and alarm codes to undertake work outside of normal business hours, and maintain an excellent reputation for being a trusted and professional team.  

We endeavour to always use bio-degradable products and one of our main cleaning chemical suppliers is Cyndan Chemicals. Established in 1978, Cyndan Chemicals manufacture and develop products for a range of industries. They provide an excellent range of cleaners, disinfectants, degreasers and more, including a full range of “green” products which are safe for the environment.

The process of utilising a cleaning product for each application is something we undertake with care, expert knowledge and experience. For example, there are certain products we use specifically for the food industry that we know to comply with strict safety requirements, and others we would not use for this industry.

Contact us to discuss how our team at Andy Andersons can be of service to you.