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Frequently Asked Questions

At Andy Andersons we are specialists in Industrial and Commercial Cleaning, confined space cleaning, dust removal, steam cleaning and water blasting. We are often asked questions about our services which we update as below.  If you have a question about our services or any aspect of how we can meet your needs, please contact us today.

Q. Do you use environmentally safe products?
A. We always endeavour to use environmentally safe cleaning chemicals and our main range is Cyndan Chemicals and Hancroft NZ Ltd. We adhere to MAF Requirements to use the correct chemical for each application. For more information please visit Our Process page or Contact us today.

Q. Can I get a free consultation for the cleaning of my food manufacturing business?
A. Yes just call us anytime for a free consultation, we have an a trade qualified food hygiene specialist on our staff.

Q. Are there certain types of chemicals required for different industries, and do you know which are suitable?
A. We have a wide knowledge of cleaning chemicals and can advise you on the options to suit your industry.

Q. Can you clean open tanks and closed tanks.
A. We are experienced in cleaning tanks and we have OSH training in confined spaces.